Pet VS Home Boarding: Make The Right Choice For Your Furball

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For the uninitiated and new to the pet ownership scene, a pet boarding facility offers a service that, simply put, takes in your beloved pets at a boarding establishment and provides essential care for your furry companions while you’re away. In Singapore, these facilities’ services range from cheap pet boarding to luxurious pet hotel accommodations. If, for example, you have plans to be away and can’t afford to bring your pet with you, boarding them in one of these establishments is the best solution possible. 

If this is your first time parting with your furry little friend for a little while, no one will blame you for having your concerns. After all, you’ll want to ensure that your beloved furbaby is well taken care of whilst you’re away. Thus arises the question: should you opt for home boarding or a pet boarding facility? Let’s dive in to learn more about Singapore’s pet boarding facilities and home boarding options without further delay.

Pet Boarding Centres

Ran by animal lovers with the experience and technical know-how, these established centres offer the basic necessities to care for your pet. Some centres even go the extra mile by providing delightful extras such as grooming services and live monitoring via CCTV.

In terms of actual accommodation, some have kennel-like areas for short stays, while others offer cage-free environs for those free-spirited furballs. If the latter option is more to your tastes (as well as your pet), then you can check out these cage-free boarding facilities.

But with all these benefits come its corresponding prices as well. For example, the more extravagant dog boarding places have nightly rates that can range from SGD$35-SGD$100 and above, depending on the suite and the number of pets that you plan on letting. 

For the reputable names, excellent service and care are a given. But since they’re not only taking care of your pets but also those of others as well, attention can’t be provided at all times unless they somehow run a 1:1 pet-staff ratio. As such, you might be interested in an alternative: pet home boarding. 

Home Boarding

Otherwise known as pet sitting, home boarding fulfils the same core goal as pet boarding facilities: providing a place for your pet to seek refuge whilst you’re away. There are two sorts of arrangements you can opt for: send your pet over to a pet sitter or have the latter go to your home to take care of your pet. 

Unlike pet boarding facilities that are backed by considerable experience in caring for pets with various needs and temperaments, the same can’t be said for pet sitters. These pet sitters may be pet owners themselves, but they may not abide by the same industry standards.

That said, unlike pet boarding facilities, home boarding caretakers don’t have an entire army of furry friends to care for. As such, they can follow and pay much more attention to your furry baby throughout their stay.

Which Is Better For You?

Before you pick one from the two options, you’ll want to first access which of the two best suits you and your pet’s needs. Are you looking to have a few big bucks or are you planning to treat your precious furball like a king?

If you’re looking to send your pet to a pet sitter, your pet can revel in one-to-one pet care. To prepare for the temporary stay, you’ll want to thoroughly explain your instructions to your pet sitter, from the types of food to feed, health conditions and the emergency vet clinic to call should something happen and the like. Be sure to write it all down for their reference.

Besides, you’ll want to ensure your pet is comfortable with your pet sitter. Whilst your pet is ultimately in a pet-friendly environment, leaving them alone with a stranger will no doubt cause them some form of distress. As such, you’re highly encouraged to find a pet sitter whom you know. Ask around your circle and, preferably, seek those that share your love for furry friends. If they’re available, the arrangements you make, including the fee, can be as flexible as desired.

If pet boarding facility is your go-to, then your pet can get to socialise with other pets. Instead of spending the majority of its hours with a pet sitter, your pet can mix around with their kind and gain some precious social time whilst you’re gone. That said, this also means that these facilities need to conduct a health and temperament check to ensure that your pet can mix well with their existing guests.


Parting with our loveable pawed companions is a decision no one is keen to make, but if circumstances deem it, we need to entrust their care to another. As such, engaging with a respectable and experienced pet caretaker is undoubtedly well worth the investment. 

As a final note, make it a good practice to take your pets to a vet clinic near you once they’re back in your arms. This is to ensure that any parasites, fleas, or diseases that may have been acquired during your absence are taken care of as early as possible.