Equip Yourself With Basic Pet Care & Grooming Services In SG

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Grooming is an important practice not only for us humans, but also for our furry companions! It is not just for visual aesthetic or hygiene purposes, but their health is inexplicably tied to their grooming! Heading to a professional grooming shop in Singapore is always the preferred choice, but sometimes it’s not an option. Fortunately, whilst this might not be feasible, you can still bring such services to the comforts of your own home! Grooming your own pet is not only a much affordable option, it’s also a great way to bond with your furkid!

If you’re new to pet grooming practices, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are a few simple and friendly tips on the basic know-how to groom your pet dog or cat at home.

1. Brush Your Pet Regularly

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As the simplest yet arguably also one of the most important grooming practices, regular brushing is essential to ensure your pet’s health. It allows your pet to better manage their fur by removing dirt, preventing tangles or matting and spreading their natural oils evenly. Brushing also keeps their skin clean and irritant free! You can also check for fleas and ticks much easier with a clean and brushed fur, compared to when it’s matted.

Whilst simple, this practice is crucial. Not doing so can result in matted hair that can quickly develop into mild skin irritation, infecting wounds and even restricted blood circulation! Also, note that whilst cats do clean and groom their fur on their own, you still need to brush them regularly as there might be areas that are left unattended. Doing so will also help them reduce their hairballs. Furthermore, they can’t really do much should there be fleas or ticks, so be sure to help them out with a pet grooming comb and a flea remover at hand!

2. Give Them A Regular Bathe

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Compared to our daily showers and baths, our pets don’t need to bathe that frequently. As a rule of thumb, you’ll need to give your pet dog and cat a bath once every week and month respectively, seeing as how hot and humid the Singapore weather can be. To know what’s best for your pet dog or cat, have a talk with your vet and they’d give you a detailed step-by-step bathing routine, but otherwise, here’s a basic guide!

First, fill a sink or tub with 10cm of lukewarm water and wet your pet with it. It’s best to use a cup but you can also use a spray hose, but be sure to avoid their eyes, ears and nose, and that the pressure is at low. Next, massage a formulated shampoo for pets and ensure that you cover all areas. Rinse and gently wipe down their face, ears and nose with a damp washcloth. For owners who have long-haired breeds, you may need to include a pet conditioner into the routine. Once that’s done, squeeze out the excess water and wrap your furry baby in a large towel. Remember, don’t rub the towel in circles as it will only tangle your pet’s fur, making it tangled and harder to dry! Instead, just pat them to dry them off.

3. Don’t Let Them Scratch You

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Another important grooming habit of doing at home is to regularly trim your pet’s nails! Not only does this prevent any harmful accidents done to you or to themselves, it’ll help to prevent the accumulation of dirt, germs and bacteria. This is especially important for pets that go out often – dogs especially, since they need their regular walks. If you’re not sure when’s the best time to trim their nails, you can take a hint from the tapping sounds they’d make whenever they walk.

Trimming your pet’s nails may be one of the more challenging tasks. Your pet may wiggle and run away before you can do anything. Thus, you may want to wrap them in a towel and wait till they mellow down before you sit them on your lap. Another option is to have somebody else dangle a treat in front of them so that they’d be distracted throughout the entire process. Ensure that you stop above the blood supply, and if you accidentally cut a little bit too deep, ready a clean cloth to soak the blood. Then, dip the bleeding nail into cornstarch or styptic powder and leave it to clot. If it continues to bleed, you’d have to give your veterinarian a visit.

4. Giving Their Teeth A Good Scrub

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If you’ve opted a professional pet grooming services, you’d know that on top of the very basic services, you can also opt for an additional service to clean your pet’s teeth. Oral health is important for an animal’s overall health and regular brushing helps to maintain that by preventing tartar and gingivitis, amongst many others.

Your pet will undoubtedly be uncomfortable, so start with messaging their lips in a circular motion with your finger. Once they’re comfortable, you can ready your veterinarian-recommended toothbrush and toothpaste, and start brushing in a circular motion. Do this 2-3 times a week.

Leaving this to the professionals is always the preferred option but if you wish to opt for a more affordable, you can always do it yourself! All you have to do head down to a pet shop anywhere in Singapore and invest in a few grooming equipment that will last you a few years! It’ll save you a few bucks, especially in the long run, so start doing it now!