6 Easy Ways To Make Your Dog Feel Loved And Contented

Veterinary Tips, Veterinary Tips SingaporeYour dog is your best friend; they are your constant companion, with you through thick and thin. They play with you and offer you cuddles and kisses whenever you need them. They are the first one to greet you as soon as you reach home, tail wagging behind them.

On top of providing their bare necessities like shelter and food, you’ll want to reciprocate the endless love and affection your precious pup gives you daily, unconditionally. Apart from the obvious treats and cuddles, here are 6 simple ways you can express your love to your best friend.

1. Play simple indoor games

Whilst a quick and simple game of fetch might seem like a no brainer, in your pup’s perspective, you’re actually tapping onto their inbuilt disposition for chasing after objects and retrieving them back to you. In doing so, they are able to show off and reinforce their ingrained capabilities. Moreover, this form of exercise will also trigger the release of a dose of feel-good serotonin, making them feel more than great.

Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to a game of fetch either. You can also opt for games such as hide-and-seek or tug-of-war. Any extended playtime with their owners is an absolute dream come true for many dogs, even more if the game played is an interactive one.

2. Bring your dog to a dog park

Of course, we could play with our dogs ourselves – it is most definitely one of the many joys of pet ownership. Whilst this is great for bonding, it is never going to be the same as playing chase with another fellow canine. Let’s face it, we can never reach the same physical prowess as our canine friends can.

By bringing your dog to the dog park and letting them play with other dogs, it allows your furry pup to really let themselves go. They will be able to play to their heart’s content whilst giving them the mental stimulation and avenue for the release of pent-up energy as well.

3. Change your walking routine

Walking the same route every single day undoubtedly gets dull, so that lack of enthusiasm and excitement can make it difficult to stick to your usual walking routine. Instead, stay motivated for your dog walk by taking a different route each time. Your dog will get to smell new things, meet new friends and experience more of the world around them – it’ll be an absolute adventure!

Bring your dog to a different neighbourhood, to the nearby park, or simply follow your pal and let them decide where to go.

4. Give your dog a massage

We all appreciate a good massage once in a while to help us relieve the mental and physical stress accumulated throughout the day. Likewise, the same can be said for dogs! Giving a massage to your pup offers several benefits, including increasing your dog’s circulation, decrease blood pressure, stimulating the kidneys and liver, improving lymphatic fluid movement and more! Plus, it’s a relaxing body treatment – who wouldn’t like that?

For the best technique, you can consider signing up for a workshop or watch instructional videos on YouTube.

5. Let your dog tag along to gatherings

Ultimately, spending quality time with your pup is the best way you can reward your furry companion. Your dog sees you as the leader of the pack, their protector and provider. Bonding and spending time with you is an important source of reinforcement and satisfaction for him. And as such, instead of leaving them alone at home when you’re out with your friends or family, why don’t you bring them along?

In addition to spending time with you, your dog can get the chance to interact and play with others. If they’re not comfortable with strangers, simply being by your side will make them very happy. But before you do so, ensure that your dog is trained with correct etiquette, lest their behavioural issues cause problems in your gatherings.

6. Find a vet you can trust

If they’re not exposed or trained, dogs may come to dislike visiting the vet and will explicitly show their disdain. This is why finding a vet that you and your pet are comfortable with is very important! Apart from finding a regular vet clinic, you’ll want to also ensure that you also find a 24-hour vet clinic that can meet all your pup’s veterinary needs should anything crop up. You’ll want to get access to treatments and veterinary tips whenever you need them. As a pet owner, it is not only your responsibility to care for their health, but you’ll want to avoid letting your precious pup suffer. In your pup’s eyes, you’re giving them more time to spend with you.

When it comes to pampering your precious pup, the sky’s the limit. Incorporate these 6 tips into your routine and your dog will most definitely feel loved and happy! That said, be sure to not go over the top and encourage bad behaviour. Give your pup the love they deserve, but don’t drown them in it. After all, balance is key to ensure that they lead a happy and healthy life.