6 Cat-Only Boarding Facilities In SG For Your Cat’s Getaway

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In the perfect and idealised world, you will have no problems bringing your pet cat wherever you go. However, you’ll need to make several travel preparations to ensure that both you and your pet companion enjoy the trip. On top of the hassle of preparing for the trip, there is also the chance that your feline companion dislikes the change of environment and would rather stay at home, especially if they have homebody tendencies.

So, you’re left with a conundrum. Given the current circumstances, the best and safest option you can possibly take is to simply leave your precious furbaby at the hands of those who know best.

But with numerous pet boarding facilities available on the island, how do you go about choosing one that’s best for your kitty cat? One way is to opt for cat-only boarding facilities. Such facilities will ensure that your pet cat will not be put off by the presence or even just the scent of other animals. Instead of feeling restless and stressed, its stay in the facility will be much more enjoyable. To help you out, we’ve gathered 6 cat-only boarding facilities in Singapore you may want to leave your furbaby in.

1.Nekoya Cat Hotel


Nekoya Cat Hotel

Image Credit: Nekoya Cat Hotel

With over 4 years of experience and a total of 3 outlets under its belt, Nekoya Cat Hotel is very much the cat boarding hotel sought after by many cat owners. As the first company in Singapore to introduce and pioneer the concept of holistic cat boarding, they pride themselves as a cat’s true haven.

More than just a cat boarding facility in name, Nekoya Cat Hotel strives to provide a space away from home where your beloved feline companion can feel safe and secure. With exemplary standards for safety and quality care, the team are equipped with the necessary know-how to ensure that you and your pet cat will have the most pleasant experience. To show how far they are willing to go, they will pay special attention to your cat at all times and are even willing to mirror your cat’s routine!

Website: Nekoya Cat Hotel
Contact Number: +65 6969-6278
Location: 9 King Albert Park | 59 Kampong Bahru Road

2.Kitty Haven


Kittycare Haven

Image Credit: Kittycare Haven

As one of the largest cat hotels in Singapore, Kittycare Haven prides itself for its flexible cat boarding arrangements and quality care for their cat residents. Whether you opt for their premium rooms or budget enclosures, your precious cat will enjoy a spacious and private room all for itself – a must for these solitary animals.

If you opt for the premium rooms, your pet cat will have its own scratch posts and toys to ensure that your pet cat will not be bored during its stay. Moreover, they’re also attended by trained and live-in cat sitters 24/7! Whilst it may not be equipped with the same type of services, their budget-friendly service package is more than sufficient for a comfortable stay. Moreover, it has one of the most affordable rates in the industry (the lowest rate is at SGD$25). Note that there is an additional charge of SGD$15 for compulsory parasite control treatment for each cat upon entry.

Website: Kitty Haven
Contact Number: +65 9795 8995
Location: 80 Lim Chu Kang Lane 1 Singapore 718911




Image Credit: Catopia

With a keen understanding of how the scent of other animals can make a cat restless and stressed, Catopia is a boarding house offering a cats-only environment and boarding services. As one of the best cat hotels in Singapore, it has 4 different types of rooms to cater to your budget – private, separate, shared and executive. You don’t have to worry about your cat’s stay as their experienced sitters will take care of their basic needs and ensure that they follow their regular feeding schedule. Do note that their viewings and visitations are by appointments only, so be sure to give them a call and book an appointment before you head down!

Website: Catopia
Contact Number: +65 93888893
Location: 406B Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427634

4.Pets Eden


Pets Eden

Image Credit: Pets Eden

At Pets Eden, being a cat boarding facility is more than a space that temporary houses and cares for your furry companion – it is a safe and cosy space wherein your cats can have fun! In addition to their bright and colourful interiors, each suite is air-conditioned and steam-sterilised, effectively safeguarding your pet’s health during its stay.

If you’re worried about mishandling and the like, not to worry! Each and every staff member at Pets Eden have undergone a course in positive reinforcement training at the PUPS training school, and have the practical know-how on how to give individualised care and attention. In order to ensure that all your cats are met, you will need to schedule your appointment in advance to straighten out all the details and let your feline friend acclimatise to the unfamiliar environment.

Website: Pets Eden
Contact Number: +65 6258 3201 | +65 9227 7915
Location: 29 Everitt Road Singapore 428576

5.Le Meow Cat Hotel


Le Meow Cat Hotel

Image Credit: Le Meow Cat Hotel

If you’re an avid fan of anything Muji-esque, you’ll definitely love Le Meow Cat Hotel. Guided by the principles of minimalist living, the hotel is designed to offer only the optimum comfort and convenience your pet cat can enjoy. Each feline guest can enjoy a clutter-free stay with access to the play lounge and complimentary treat bar. In fact, be a little fancy and opt for wholesome and delectable gourmet treats topped with omega-rich fish flakes!

There are two types of packages you can choose from: single cat (SGD$35) and twin sharing (SGD$55). Each loft is designed for large breed cats, and thus has ample space for bigger movements such as jumping and rolling. To further ensure maximum comfort, they are also equipped with temperature sensors to regulate the temperature at the hotel, and have an air steriliser installed to keep the premise clean and free from airborne germs and allergens. Don’t let your cat miss out on the short vacation it deserves and call Le Meow Cat Hotel today!

Website: Le Meow Cat Hotel
Contact Number: +65 9787 4924
Location: 183 Jalan Pelikat, The Promenade @ #B1-82/83 Singapore 537643

6.Happy Rolling Cat Boarding


Happy Rolling Cat Boarding

Image Credit: Happy Rolling Cat Boarding

Established and operated by genuine cat lovers, you can rest assured that your precious kitty cat will be greatly taken care of by the team at Happy Rolling Cat Boarding. Doing without the confinement of cages and crates, Happy Rolling seeks to create a temporary abode where your feline companion can feel right at home.

At Happy Rolling, you may opt from any of the 3 packages: delux free roaming (SGD$35 per day), multi cats playground (SGD$12 per day) and cabinet boarding (SGD$20 per day). Moreover, you can rest easy knowing that your pet cat has access to around-the-clock care and scheduled daily individual playtime. To prepare your cat for boarding, you are encouraged to bring your cat for daycare prior to their stay, so that your cat can get a feel of the facility and be more comfortable with the staff.

Website: Happy Rolling Cat Boarding
Contact Number: +65 8752 3600
Location: 479 Geylang Road, Singapore 389438


Give yourself a much-needed peace of mind by leaving your precious furbaby at these highly experienced cat-only boarding facilities. With the high-quality expertise and spacious accommodations, Mr and Mrs Whiskers won’t even notice that you’re gone.