5 Things You Need To Consider Before Getting A Dog

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As an animal lover, you’ve probably spent hours watching adorable dog videos on Youtube or shared photos of lovable pups on your social media platforms. These may spur your desire to own a pet dog of your own and you believe now is the perfect time to do so – after all, if not now, then when?

But before you head down to the first shelter you see, hold your horses! Being a pet owner goes beyond simply wanting to have a canine companion; it involves being a responsible and diligent pet owner. Owning a dog comes with a heavy set of responsibilities that may just break the illusion of the rainbows and sunshine that comes with pet ownership. As such, before you pick up a dog you like, here are a few factors that are worth considering.

1. Can you afford it? 

Owning a dog can give you just as much stress as it does joy – in particular, financial stress. Pet ownership is an investment. Apart from the daily necessities, you’ll need to consider the expensive vet fees. Dogs also require periodic grooming to maintain good hygiene. Studies show that owning a dog for 10 years can easily cost you up to S$25,800 on average and if you’re not ready to commit to such a financial undertaking, you may need to reconsider and wait till you’re more financially prepared.

2. Do you have time to spare?

Many first-time pet owners don’t realise that pet ownership bears a lot of resemblance to child-rearing. Similar to small children, dogs require your time and attention for not just entertainment, but also their health maintenance. Dogs need your help to keep them fit through regular walks and exercise – more so for those with an active disposition like a Jack Russel Terrier. To maintain their health, you’ll want to set an hour or two from your schedule to bring your dog for a walk or out to play.

3. Your dog requires proper training

If you plan on getting a dog, we advise starting its training as soon as possible. Training your dog when they’re young will help to minimise any behavioural problems from the onset. This will pave the way to better relationships between your dog with humans and their canine brethren.

For a general start, you’ll want to potty train your dog and ensure they don’t bite or scratch your furniture. After which, you can teach them obedience commands so that they know how to behave appropriately. If you’re not sure how to start, you can enrol your dog in a dog training school in Singapore, but this will not come cheap.

4. What happens when you go on holiday?

Whether it is a staycation or an overseas trip, everyone loves to unwind now and then. In such situations, being a dog owner can pose a problem as you’ll need to find somebody you can trust to take care of your fur pup when you’re away.

Thankfully, there are many top-notch pet boarding facilities in Singapore. We have several write-ups and recommendations on some of the best facilities you can look into on our blog.

5. Buy or adopt?

If you’re a champion for humane pet breeding practices, you would know that buying a pet is not the way to go. Pet shops often attain their animals through breeders or worse, puppy mills. These for-profit facilities will churn out puppies at the expense of the dogs’ health.

As such, you may want to adopt instead. Not only will you help to save a life, but adoption tends to cost less than buying a dog from pet shops or dog breeders. The cost of spaying, neutering and vaccinating the dog is often included in the adoption fee, saving you a lot of money in the long run. As such, consider shelters that offer pet adoption services in Singapore to find the adorable pup that will bring joy to your life.


Being a pet owner isn’t easy; it requires time and effort to take care of your dog. We would advise not making a hasty decision lest you regret it afterwards. Carefully consider if you have the attributes to be an accountable and devoted pet owner before taking the plunge.