4 Cat & Dog Insurance Companies In SG To Safeguard Your Pets

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To many pet owners, our beloved furkids are more than just a furry companion – they’re also our family members. Thus, it’s no surprise that one would go over and beyond to protect them from pain and suffering of old age, illnesses, accidents and the like.

Whilst we may not be spoilt with numerous options, 4 insurance companies have come up with plans to meet all of our pet’s needs – and more! We’ve gathered 4 cat and dog insurance companies in Singapore with plans that are worth considering.

1. AON Happy Tails Insurance


Image Credit: AON Happy Tails Insurance

Designed to provide pet owners with a comprehensive medical plan, AON Happy Tails Insurance is online pet insurance that hopes to share the hefty burden one incurs from caring and loving a pet. Dog owners are eligible for 3 types of dog insurance plans, with each tier costing SGD$70 more than the previous tier. Whilst Happy Tails plan can cover up to 80% of your pet’s vet bills, it’s worth to note that your claims are subjected to an annual cap.

Happy Tails doesn’t limit their plans solely to dog owners either, cat owners can have a share of the pie too! With their Purrfect plan, you’re able to enjoy SGD$5000 annual limit to cover all your cat’s medical fees. Whilst its yearly premium of SGD$299.69 may be slightly more expensive than other plans in the market, it’s definitely a cat insurance plan worth considering, especially if you wish to prioritise medical coverage.

Website: AON Happy Tails Insurance
Contact Number: +65 6221 8222

2. Liberty Insurance


Image Credit: Liberty Insurance

Having opened its doors in July 1912, Liberty Insurance has an impressive and extensive track record offering insurance coverage and protection. Offering comprehensive coverage for all pet owners, Liberty Insurance’s PetCare provides financial protection when one’s pet incur medical and surgical expenses. Liberty Insurance knows how hefty these bills can be, and as such, PetCare allows up to 70% coverage of vet bills, with a straight 50% and 30% co-insurance for non-surgical and surgical procedures respectively. This allows you to control your expenses on vet procedures.

On top of the vet bills coverage, PetCare also offers the highest benefit should your pet come across an unfortunate accidental death – up to SGD$3000. Whilst nothing can replace the loss of your precious furbaby, those that own a pedigree pet or a rare breed may want to consider this when searching for the ideal insurance plan.

Website: Liberty Insurance
Contact Number: 1800 5423 789 (24-Hour Assistance) | +65 6334 4434 (Personal Accident & Medical) | +65 6636 1131 (Travel & Home Assistance)
Location: Liberty House, 51 Club Street, #03-00, Singapore 069428

3. CIMB Bank


Image Credit: CIMB Bank

For pet owners who have a limited budget to work with, CIMB Bank’s pet insurance offers an affordable protection against accidental death and injury. My Paw Pal costs SGD$74.90 annually, making it the cheapest insurance plan in the market. That said, it is worth noting that it also comes with a 30% co-insurance for accidental injury treatments, which is arguably higher than any other co-insurance responsibility for accidental injuries.

There is also an option to purchase plan extensions, should you wish to extend the coverage, including medical expenses, cremation and burial expenses, theft benefits and the like. You’re given the flexibility to customise your plan to suit your pet changing needs as they age.

Website: CIMB Bank
Contact Number: +65 6333 7777 | +65 6333 1111
Location: Singapore Land Tower, 50 Raffles Place, #01-02, Singapore 048623 | 270 Orchard Road, #03-02, Singapore 238857

4. AIA


Image Credit: AIA

With close to a century of history within the region, AIA has cemented its name as one of the renowned insurance providers in the industry. For dog owners who are looking for an affordable plan that sufficiently covers accidents and damages done to 3rd parties, AIA’s Paw Safe is the insurance plan you’ve been looking for. Costing less than SGD$100 per year, Paw Safe has a lower deductible compared to other plans in the market.

Whilst this plan may be an excellent choice for liability and theft coverage, Paw Safe has its limitations for owners who wish to cover a significant portion of their medical expenses. This plan also excludes certain dog breeds and cats, thus pet owners would be best trying to find another insurance plan if Paw Safe doesn’t meet your pet needs.

Website: AIA
Contact Number: 1800 248 8000
Location: 1 Finlayson Green, Singapore 049246

With the rising cost of healthcare for pets, pet insurance has become the must-have necessity when caring for these adorable animals. Before you choose a pet insurance plan, it’s important that you compare the available ones and find one that meets not only your pet’s needs, but also your budget!