3 Crucial Reminders Before Sending Your Dog To Pet Boarding

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A Singapore pet boarding facility is an excellent option for when your dog needs somewhere to stay while you’re off and away. Their daily needs, such as food and daily hygiene, are all taken care of and more, all while they’re at home away from home.

While this all sounds perfect, as a responsible fur parent, you need to properly prepare your furball for the inevitable but brief stay. To avoid making your beloved companion feel any undue stress and anxiety from your absence, here are a few essential reminders to remember before sending your dog to pet boarding.

List Down The Essentials

Every dog is unique, and your lovely pupper is no exception. From toys, blankets, and other curiosities, there may be some things they can’t part with. Put such items on top of the list to bring when the day comes.

On top of that, their physical maintenance should be considered as well.

Depending on your dog’s breed and temperament, you may want to let your pup’s caretaker know of the type and intensity of the exercise your dog requires. Based on the lifestyle they’ve led up until now, that variable may vary. Keep this in mind so that you can provide this info when required.

Last but not least, you’ll need to also ensure that your dog’s medical condition will be taken care of. Should they have any medication prescription or allergies, you’ll want to be as detailed as possible with this step so that the caretakers can be aware when it comes to your furry friend’s health.

Note Your Dog’s Lifestyle

Every dog leads a lifestyle unique from the rest of its kin. From luxurious to humble living, all dogs lead different lives, but one thing remains constant-their owner’s love.

Although continuing your dog’s lifestyle while you’re away isn’t a top priority, it certainly comes second, and highly reputable facilities will ask you about it. Knowing how your dog’s daily life goes allows them to make your pupper, who will sorely miss you, still feel that nothing has changed save your temporary absence.

Introduce Them To The Environment Ahead Of Time

Major changes in their life can affect your little ball of fur. In conjunction with their lifestyle, a sudden change in their environment may induce unwanted stress in them.

As such, it’s wise to introduce them to the pet boarding facility you’ve chosen well ahead of time. Most, if not all, well-known establishments have a play area that you can visit with your dog and play with others. Gradually with every visit, your dog will acclimate to the new environment. Thus, when the day arrives when you temporarily have to leave their side, they’ll feel much less stressed and anxious about the boarding arrangement.


By taking note of these reminders and preparing them for the eventual change in environment, boarding can become a much better experience, especially for your dog.

Once it’s time to go back and welcome your beloved back into your arms, be reminded that the journey isn’t over yet. Before going back home to catch up, it’s advisable to visit a 24-hour vet clinic in Singapore to ensure that your furball is free of fleas or any diseases it may have potentially acquired.