10 Pet Grooming Services In Singapore For Your Kitty Cat

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It is a common misconception, but make no mistake; our feline friends need to be groomed just as much as their canine counterparts. That said, it needs to be said that the grooming practices vary greatly and cat groomers respectfully handle our feline companions differently compared to dog groomers and their doggos.

It is thus crucial that you find a groomer that has the practical know-how at handling and grooming your adorable feline baby. These groomers are adept at meeting all your cat’s grooming needs whilst ensuring that your pet is comfortable, safe and stress-free. If you’re looking for cat groomers that meet all those requirements, here are 10 pet grooming services in Singapore for your kitty cat!

1. Hey Good Cat


Image Credit: Hey Good Cat

In hopes to change an industry perpetuated by misconceptions and the lack of information and expertise, Hey Good Cat was established with the desire to fill in the empty spot. The plus point: they’re willing to go above and beyond to deliver the highest quality of cat care and grooming.

As one of the co-founders of Hey Good Cat, Desmond Chan took it upon himself to learn and acquire the grooming know-how from the very best: America’s National Cat Groomers Institute. Since then, he has been given the honour of being Southeast Asia’s first and only Certified Feline Master. Under his rigorous tutelage, each and every one of Hey Good Cat’s grooming specialist is equipped with the necessary technical know-how to do what they do best. Since their philosophy is to deliver low-stress and humane feline-specific care, Hey Good Cat also ensures that their grooming is cage-free and restraint-free. If you wish for only best for your furry companion, then Hey Good Cat is definitely the cat grooming salon you’d want to go to.

Website: Hey Good Cat
Contact Number: +65 9656 3786
Location: 290R Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427542

2. Nekomori Cat Salon


Image Credit: Nekomori Cat Salon

As Singapore’s first holistic grooming premises for our feline friends, Nekomori Cat Salon offers your cat an experience like no other. Their nature-inspired grooming facility is home to not only quality cat-only grooming services but also treatments and spas that will leave your pet cat feeling completely rejuvenated and refreshed.

Hoping to be the place cats will come to for a peaceful retreat, Nekomori Cat Salon pulled no punches. Apart from having an excellent technical grooming technique, their Mori Grooming Artisans will tailor each grooming session to fit the needs of individual cats. You can choose amongst 3 main services (Express, Essential and Signature) depending on your cat’s personality, type and age. Moreover, to ensure that your cat does not experience any undue stress, the facility is made 100% dog-free as well. Head down to this 5-stars cat salon for a little grooming today!

Website: Nekomori Cat Salon
Contact Number: +65 6996 7908
Location: 59A Kampong Bahru Road, #02-02, Singapore 169367

3. Hans Qitty Cut


Image Credit: Hans Qitty Cut

Started out as a one-man operation, Hans Qitty Cut has since grown to now become a cat grooming salon with 4 groomers specially trained in the arts of feline grooming. Licensed by both URA & AVA to operate as a pet boarding and grooming facility, you can rest assured that you and your pet cat are in safe and competent hands.

At Hans Qitty Cut, they offer an extensive range of services to help you deal with your cat’s fur; from light trimming, comb cut to even a customised shaving based on your cat’s fur condition. They recommend to schedule for a grooming session once every 6 weeks due to the humid Singapore weather. If you’re looking for a cat grooming salon that has the skills and the style, surely Hans Qitty Cut is the place to be.

Website: Hans Qitty Cut
Contact Number: +65 8333 3957
Location: ​East Village Mall, 430 Upper Changi Road, #01-27, Singapore 487048

4. Hanis The Groomer


Image Credit: Hanis The Groomer

A cat grooming salon with simple and humble origins, Hanis The Groomer is run by a husband-wife duo whose passion for cats and cat care has eventually led them to transform this passion into a business. Whilst not necessarily the Ritz Carlton for cats, their cosy and intimate space is designed to be safe and secure for all temperaments and personalities.

At Hanis The Groomer, you can expect a range full of services, such as lion cuts, flea treatments and more. Moreover, they’ve been trained to groom even the most aggressive cats, so much so that other groomers will recommend their services if the former aren’t able to! If you hope for cat grooming services with a homely touch, Hani The Groomer is here to give you what you seek.

Website: Hanis The Groomer
Contact Number: +65 9169 9624 | +65 9100 1737
Location: 162 Joo Chiat Road, #03-01, Singapore 427437

5. Sparkle Cat Grooming


Image Credit: Sparkle Cat Grooming

Perhaps you’re not keen on travelling or sending your precious furbaby. Well, say goodbye to crowds, traffic and parking because Sparkle Cat Grooming will be the one to go to you!

Sparkle Cat Grooming offers a mobile cat grooming service that is apt for those who have a busy working schedule or those who would prefer to supervise the entire procedure. In addition, your kitty cat can revel in benefits as well! Since they’d be groomed right at your home, they will be much more comfortable throughout the process. The chances of your cat experiencing separation anxiety will be little to none. Their groomers are all SKC certified with hours of pet safety training programme, so you wouldn’t have to worry mishandling and the like.

Website: Sparkle Cat Grooming
Contact Number: +65 9752 0943

6. The Precious Pets


Image Credit: The Precious Pets

There’s truly no place like home, and your pet knows it! For pets that suffer from separation anxiety, the last place they’d want to be is away from the safe environment they’ve known all their life. At The Precious Pets, they understand the stress and anxiety a pet can experience when placed in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable environment. As such, they’ve resolved to meet in the middle! Get all your cat grooming needs met whilst still ensuring that the experience is a positive one for your anxious pets.

Aside from giving your cat basic or full grooming procedures, the team will also perform an external health check on your cant for any problems and advise on the following steps you should take. At The Precious Pets, they understand how precious your furbabies are to you and they would never take that responsibility lightly. Leave the grooming to groomers who care!

Website: The Precious Pets
Contact Number: +65 9697 3337

7. Likeable Pets


Image Credit: Likeable Pets

Established back in 2014, Likeable Pets has amassed 6 years of pet grooming experience within the industry. Seeing as how all of their groomers are certified by the Singapore Kennel Club, it’s not far-fetched to say that they are more than adept at delivering top-notched quality grooming services for every one of their sessions. They understand that each pet comes with its own quirks and temperament, and thus will ensure that they are comfortable and calm before they proceed with the grooming.

At Likeable Pets, you can choose between cat basic grooming and cat full grooming. Do note that the grooming rate is highly determined by your cat’s breed, size and coat type. Additional charges may also apply if there’s severe matting or if your cat displays behavioural problems.

Website: Likeable Pets
Contact Number: +65 8685 2360

8. Grooming Studio


Image Credit: Grooming Studio

With an extreme love for animals, Lexis Tan had decided to tap into this passion and transform it into a tangible environment where she could help other pet owners care for their beloved pets: Grooming Studio. As the one-stop solution for all your grooming needs, Grooming Studio allows pet owners to stay at home comfortably whilst their team of professional groomers deliver their services either on-site or in-house. You can rest assured that not only will your furbaby is in safe hands, but they’d leave looking sleek.

Apart from the grooming services, Grooming Studio also hosts pet grooming workshops to let you in on the ways to conduct basic care for their pets! So don’t wait and message them to make an advanced grooming appointment today!

Website: Grooming Studio
Contact Number: +65 8414 1441
Location: Block 414, Jurong West Street 42, #01-801, Singapore 640414

9. The Grooming Table


Image Credit: The Grooming Table

Trust The Grooming Table to know how DIY grooming can pose as a challenge for many pet owners. Not only is it time-consuming and physically draining, but your pets are most likely to give you a hard time, especially if you’re don’t possess the skillsets to do so. Do away with all of that and let The Grooming Table do the job for you!

At The Grooming Table, they believe that holistic medicine is a form of complementary treatment. On that same tangent, grooming is not a mere necessary means to an end, but it also serves to boost the pet’s intrinsic healing process. As such, they place great importance in creating a positive and stress-free grooming experience, and have gone above and beyond to be Low Stress Handling certified. On top of being equipped with such techniques, they’d also share tips so that you can practise these techniques at home for a more lasting effect! If you’re searching for groomers, opt for groomers that care at The Grooming Table!

Website: The Grooming Table
Contact Number: +65 6250 2938 | +65 8753 4783
Location: 55 Lengkok Bahru, #01-391, Singapore 151055

10. Pet Grooming Xpert


Image Credit: Pet Grooming Xpert

When it comes to pet grooming, there’s simply a lot of things you’d need to remember and pay attention to. At Pet Grooming Xpert, they understand how overwhelming it can be and thus, offers their expertise so that you can have peace of mind.

Providing only the most dependable and competent professional grooming services, you can rest easy knowing that your cat is in good hands. What sets them apart from many other grooming salons is the fact that their cat grooming services are tailored to the breed of their clients’ cat. For instance, they have grooming services meant for Persian cats, Ragdolls and Sphynx cats, amongst many others. You can also get an insight on how the session will unfold as they provide details of each respective grooming services, from the way they clean the fur coat, shampooing to drying. No doubt a one-stop hub for an affordable and comprehensive at grooming services, Pet Grooming Xpert is indeed worth patronising!

Website: Pet Grooming Xpert
Contact Number: +65 8463 7671
Location: The Plaza, 7500A Beach Road, #05-319, Singapore 199591


A clean cat is a happy cat. Relief yourself of the stress of grooming your cat once and for all! Whether you know little to nothing about grooming techniques or have absolutely no time within your busy schedule to give your precious kitty cat a bath, these 10 reliable pet grooming services in Singapore are here to help!