10 Cage-Free Pet Boarding Facilities In SG For Your Pup

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When it comes to taking a short getaway or long holidays, every pet’s owner biggest headache is to find someone they can trust their pets whilst they are away. Leaving your pet home is hard enough, but ensuring that they’re well taken care of is another issue. As with any paw parent, you’d want only the very best for them.

And we’re here to help! We’ve gathered 10 cage-free pet boarding facilities in Singapore that will go over and beyond to give you that much-needed peace of mind whilst you’re away.

1. Petopia International


Image Credit: Petopia International

What started out as a dream amongst animal-loving entrepreneurs, Petopia International has now been realised and flourished to become a premium, holistic sanctuary in Singapore. Dedicated to being the one true stop for all your pet care needs, they’ve implemented a comprehensive approach specialising in alternative therapy, all so that your precious pup will leave the premises happier and healthier.

Apart from premium hotel services, they also offer other services including grooming and styling services, customised spa treatments and expert consultation, amongst many other things. That said, expect prices to be on the higher side as they not only utilise Japanese expertise and technology, but your pet will revel in personalised attention at all times. If you’re one to pull no punches when spending on your pet’s wellbeing, then Petopia International is the boarding facility you’d want to keep a lookout for.

Website: Petopia International
Contact Number: +65 6886 9056
Location: Seletar Hills Estate, 26 Jalan Kelulut, Singapore 809043

2. Snuggery


Image Credit: Snuggery

Dogs are incredibly social creatures by nature, and they’d grab the chance to interact with their favourite humans and the environment. However, this typical behaviour is not entirely universal and you’re bound to meet dogs that aren’t completely comfortable with new playmates or other dogs and humans in general. If your pup’s one of the socially awkward types, then Snuggery can help!

Similar to children daycare centres, Snuggery aims to promote healthy socialisation by giving them the avenue to experience fundamental play sessions and essential canine interactions. Rest assured that their play is supervised, and the expert team are more than happy to give you a rundown on their care regiment and interaction management. They even have a webcam service that allows you to check up on your precious pup! That said, do note that new dogs are required to undergo a trial daycare (it’s free!) to allow their handlers to assess your dog’s temperament and suitability. If you wish to elevate your dog ownership experience, Snuggery is willing to go far and beyond!

Website: The Snuggery
Contact Number: +65 8716 7550
Location: 15 Jasmine Road, Singapore 576584

3. Straits Dog


Image Credit: Straits Dog

As pet owners themselves, the team at Straits Dog are quite familiar pet separation anxiety and as such, strive to be the reliable dog boarding house where you can put your worries to rest.

At Straits Times, they hope to cater to all your doggo’s need and more! Aside from the guaranteed tender, loving care, your dog will also be kept entertained and stimulated with regular exercise and interaction with other dogs. You’d be able to choose between two types of private suites: executive rooms (SGD$10 for small and medium breeds) and deluxe rooms (SGD$20 for all breeds) – which are frankly, quite a steal! Moreover, all their suites not only feature natural light, but they’re also spacious with no bars or metal cages in sight! You can take it one step further by customising your dog’s stay with a spa visit! At Straits Dog, you don’t have to worry about your dog knowing that they’re in very capable hands.

Website: Straits Dog
Contact Number: +65 9729 9204
Location: 21 Kalidasa Avenue, Singapore 789400

4. The Wagington


Image Credit: The Wagington

If you’re a paw parent that spares no expense at spoiling your precious furbaby, then perhaps The Wagington is where you’d want to book your pup’s future stay when you’re away. Designed to feel more like an opulent residence than a temporary getaway, The Wagington is truly an unparalleled 5 stars pet resort beyond imagination.

Equipped with extravagant suites, your furry companion will receive a treatment befitting of royalty. Their Royal Suite, for instance, comes with an orthopaedic queen-sized bed and an LED TV! Your pet dog can also enjoy a gastronomical feast that’s sure to tantalise their taste buds. If you wish to give your pet a taste of luxury, The Wagington will welcome you and your pup to a dog’s world, like no others.

Website: The Wagington
Contact Number: +65 6471 1689
Location: 27B Loewen Road, Singapore 248850

5. Dear Mutt


Image Credit: Dear Mutt

Not one to believe in cages or crates, Dear Mutt is Singapore’s premier boutique dog hotel that believes in creating a comfortable and cosy environment to make your dogs feel right at home. Truly a dog’s paradise, Dear Mutt is a one-stop pet accommodation for all your pet needs: shop, salon and hotel. On top of their spacious rooms, your dogs will also enjoy aromatherapy and ambient music to calm and relax them during their stay.

Feel the need to check on your pups every once in a while? Dear Mutt has a 24-hour live CCTV monitor that you can have access to on a mobile app. This will come with a surcharge of SGD$8 a day. With a team of dedicated animal lovers, you can rest assured that Dear Mutt will be a home away from home for your beloved pets.

Website: Dear Mutt
Contact Number: +65 9222 0190
Location: 17 Venus Drive, Singapore 574304

6. Mutts & Mittens


Image credit: Mutts & Mittens

Ran by passionate animal lovers, Mutts & Mittens is a pet boarding facility that strives to make a difference. Aside from engaging with their quality hotel services, you can also play your part by contributing to their animal welfare efforts. With no intentions to be a commercial arrangement, Mutts & Mittens will redirect their proceeds to helping their rescued animals receive medical care and find their forever homes.

At Mutt & Mittens, their ardent team can commit to both short-term and also long term (more than 6 months) pet sitting, depending on your circumstances. They offer single and double rooms, each supplied with adjustable food, water bowls and an elevated dog bed. A plus point: they are also equipped with CCTV so that you can keep an eye on your furry companion anytime, anywhere! If you’re a paw parent for a great cause, then surely, Mutt & Mittens is the one for you.

Website: Mutts & Mittens
Contact Number: +65 6583 7371/72 | +65 8121 7557
Location: The Animal Lodge, Blk B, 59 Sungei Tengah Road, #01-03/04, Singapore 699014

7. Wanderlodge


Image Credit: Wanderlodge

Committed to delivering the highest level of pet care services, Wanderlodge is willing to take the extra mile to ensure that your pet is well taken care of. Having been in the industry for close to 5 years, they’re definitely the best at what they do.

With a 26/7 air-conditioned, hygienic and safe environment, your dear pet is free to roam around and explore under the supervision of their trained staff. Your pet will also have their own private and undisturbed playtime wherein the team will give it their undivided attention. The best part? Wanderlodge will also provide basic training during their stay! That said, do note that you’ll need to book an appointment should you wish to view the area.

Website: Wanderlodge
Contact Number: +65 9873 7704
Location: Stratton Drive, Singapore 805946

8. Breakfast At Fluffy’s


Image Credit: Breakfast At Fluffy’s

Breakfast at Fluffy’s is one of the best pet boarding facilities in Singapore – and for a good reason too! 1,300sqft of only luxury, comfort and tranquillity, their immaculate pet hotel is a safe and comfortable environment to leave your pet in. Being a cage-free environment, your pup is given the freedom to play, engage and exercise as and when they could! If it still has pent up energy that needs releasing, the team will either walk them to the Dog Park or specially arranged swimming sessions with their Partner Hydrocanine!

As with many other pet boarding facilities, not only are they equipped with Night-vision pet boarding webcam, but their wardens are also on duty 24/7 to provide them with their much-needed assistance. Whether it’d be an extra blanket or somebody to cuddle with, they’d be there in a jiffy. If you wish to send your furbaby to only the reliable and professional, Breakfast at Fluffy’s is definitely the pet hotel to go to.

Website: Breakfast At Fluffy’s
Contact Number: +65 9690 9876
Location: 318 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427569

9. Pawty Paws


Image Credit: Pawty Paws

Going away for awhile? Send your beloved pups to one of Singapore’s best pup hotel, Pawty Pups! Nestled in the heart of Joo Chiat, Pawty Paws was born out of the passion and love for providing a cosy home when their owners are not around. Apart from the 8 cosy rooms, this dog boarding facility also offers webcam services that’ll help you check up on your pet dog whenever you miss them!

That said, do take note that all first-timers will need to attend a mandatory 3-hour trial test (at SGD$15 per dog) to allow the team to evaluate your dog’s temperament. Moreover, you may want to look into bringing your dog for daycare at the facility, as it’ll help your dog acclimatise to the environment, the staff and other guests.

Website: Pawty Paws
Contact Number: +65 9795 2662
Location: 479 Joo Chiat Road, #02-00, Singapore 427684

10. Dogs on Board


Image Credit: Dogs on Board

If you need a reliable petsitter that checks all the boxes in your checklist, look no further than Dogs on Board! Ran by genuine dog lovers whose approach is to treat your dogs just as how they’d treat theirs. Determined to provide only high quality of care, your dog will be able to enjoy specialised attention in which their food consumption will be monitored and have their activities will be tailored to fit their fitness level. Expect your precious pups to engage in socialisation and playtime, and even obedience and trick training! Your precious pooch is sure to enjoy their short vacation whilst you’re away!

Boarding can be highly stressful for some dogs and stress-related consequences may even pop up during the stay. As such, it’s important that you bring your dog for a temperament evaluation to ensure that your furry companion can acclimatise during their stay.

Website: Dogs on Board
Contact Number: +65 9116 4270
Location: Upper Serangoon, Surin Avenue, Singapore 570190


Before you engage in any of these 10 reliable pet boarding services in Singapore, do ensure to discuss your dog’s compatibility with the environment and the staffs. Some pet accommodations are not equipped to care for senior dogs or those that require special care. Some may not have the know-how to care for dogs that share your dog’s temperament. Thus, be sure to take care of the nitty-gritty before you leave your precious dogs in their capable hands.