10 Adept 24 Hour Vet Clinics In SG That Treat Canine Seizure

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It is never easy seeing your fur baby in pain and suffering from sudden seizures. No matter how experienced you are as a dog owner, watching your precious pup showing signs of uncontrollable jerking and involuntary defecating or urinating is never a pleasant experience. Whilst seizures are generally not painful for dogs, know that this neurological disorder can cause permanent brain damage. If your dog is suffering from seizures that last more than 5 minutes or have several in a row, it’s time to rush to a 24 hour vet clinic who can skillfully alleviate the situation.

Don’t wait for a second longer and save your loyal best friend by visiting any of these 10 adept 24 hour vet clinics in Singapore.

1. Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital (VES)


Image credit: Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital

Being one of the first emergency veterinary hospitals in Singapore, Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital (VES) takes pride in providing quality, speciality veterinary care. Committed to providing quality healthcare when your pet needs it, VES is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. An experienced team of doctors are always ready to treat your pup’s seizure and provide it with the adequate aftercare it needs. Each treatment at VES is done by a team of proficient veterinary technicians and state-of-the-art equipment that ensures that your dog’s seizures will be treated in the safest way possible.

VES firmly believes in being transparent with their clients, putting into practice effective communication throughout your pet’s time at their clinic. This puts your worries and stress at bay since you are constantly reassured and kept in the know about the situation of your lovable pet. Give yourself and your pet the much-needed reprieve it needs with VES.

Website: Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital (VES)
Contact: +65 6581 7028
Address: 2-14 Rochdale Road, Singapore 535815

2. Westside Emergency


Image credit: Westside Emergency

At Westside Emergency Vet, they believe that it’s better to be safe than sorry. No matter how small or minute your pet’s health situation may seem, it is best to bring them to a vet and have them assessed. Not only does this help you detect early signs of any possible illnesses but also gives you a morale boost knowing that your pet dog is cleared of any diseases and fatal disorders.

With such strong dedication to treat your precious pups, they’ve decided to open their clinic open 24 hours, 7 days a week to ensure that your dog has a clinic full of specialised doctors to rely on. If your worry is if your pet dog will receive the safest treatment for their unexpected seizures, fret not! Westside Emergency has a wide range of facilities in-house like the emergency treatment area and their own emergency surgical theatre if the need for surgery arises. In times of emergencies, Westside Emergency is indeed the vet clinic to go.

Website: Westside Emergency
Contact: +65 6463 7228
Address: 41 Eng Kong Terrace, Singapore 599013

3. Advanced Vetcare


Image credit: Advanced Vetcare

Armed with a team of passionate animal lovers, Advanced Vetcare is one of the few 24 hour vet clinics that you’d need to know. Their primary goal has always been to nurse your pet back to good health; and as such, you can rest assured that your dog will recover well from a fatal seizure episode.

Advanced Vetcare was established in 2017 with the intention of providing your pet with holistic and all-rounded care, whether it’d be a simple routine check-up or a medical emergency like dog poisoning or an epileptic fit. Being pet owners themselves, they fully understand your worries when bringing your pet in for severe issues and will go the extra mile in ensuring you that your pet is in good hands – and more.

Website: Advanced Vetcare
Contact: +65 6636 1788
Address: Picardy Gardens, 18 Jalan Pari Burong, Singapore 488684

4. Companion Animal Surgery


Image credit: Companion Animal Surgery

Having established in 1989, Companion Animal Surgery boasts over a quarter of a century of experience treating all pets. No matter what your pet dog is experiencing, whether a skin infection or a mild seizure, the skilled team at Companion Animal Surgery has the technical know-how and experience to treat it. This gives you the security knowing that you are leaving your lovable pet in the hands of the right people when it is suffering from an unfortunate episode of seizure.

Additionally, they are also continually improving on their quality of service by consistently upgrading their equipment and skillset. This guarantees that your pet is only receiving the most dependable and medically advanced treatments when at Companion Animal Surgery.

Website: Companion Animal Surgery
Contact: +65 6255 7950
Address: 12 Boon Teck Road, #01-04/05, Singapore 329586

5. Stars Veterinary Clinic


Image credit: Stars Veterinary Clinic

Stars Veterinary Clinic opened up its after-hours clinic upon realising that time is of the essence in treating serious injuries and illnesses in pets. Not only do they strive to make treatments avail for your pet whenever it needs it, Stars Veterinary Clinic also placed special emphasis on quality to ensure that your pet will be back on their feet in no time!

In the case that your pet dog needs to be admitted to be observed through the night, Stars Veterinary Clinic has separate wards for both their cats and dogs. These high-tech wards also allow their cages to be extended and switched to an oxygen cage in cases of emergency where your dog needs an increased supply of oxygen. Having only your pet’s best interest at heart, Stars Veterinary Clinic is definitely one of the go-to vet clinics in Singapore.

Website: Stars Veterinary Clinic
Contact: +65 6280 9880
Address: Block 211, Hougang Street 21, #01-301, Singapore 530211

6. The Pet Doctors


Image credit: The Pet Doctors

Specialising in a wide range of treatments, the vets at The Pet Doctors are experts in diagnosing and coming up with treatment and rehabilitation plans for your pet dog. At The Pet Doctors, a trip to the vet does not merely comprise of diagnosis and treatments, but it also ensures that your experience at the clinic is pleasant from start to finish. Not only are their team of doctors skilful and knowledgeable, but their staff are friendly as well. The team will patiently guide you through the entire process, relieving your emotional stress anyway they can. In fact, this is is one of the critical reasons why many pet owners make this vet clinic their clinic of choice, whether it is for a monthly check-up or in urgent emergency cases.

When you visit The Pet Doctors, not only do they treat your dog for their pre-existing health issues, but they’d also go the extra mile in taking preventive measures to ensure future seizure episodes or other similar conditions are kept at bay.

Website: The Pet Doctors
Contact: +65 6438 7779
Address: Chempaka Block, Pandan Valley Condominium, 3 Pandan Valley, #01-311, Singapore 597627

7. Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group


Image credit: Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group

For the past 30 years, Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group has been providing outstanding veterinary services to pets who are in need of fixing. No matter what your pet is suffering from, be it a skin infection or a broken bone, this clinic has seen it all. When deciding on which veterinary clinic to visit with your fur babies, picking one equipped with vast experience, technical know-how and a satisfactory client history would be the top of your priority. Hence, reasons why Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group should be at the top of your list.

As a testament of their top-notched skills and expertise, Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group has established 8 regular veterinarian clinics strategically dispersed throughout Singapore. This basically means you have the freedom of choosing a convenient location that is easily accessible for you. Moreover, you don’t have to constantly go back and forth between the 24 hour clinic and the standard ones, making the transition a smooth one since they’re under the same company, Don’t bound yourself to a clinic that’s a distance away when Mount Pleasant Veterinary is just a stone’s throw away.

Website: Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group
Contact: +65 6251 7666
Address: Blk 105 Clementi Street 12, #01-18/20, Singapore 120105

8. Animal Practice Veterinary Clinic


Image credit: Animal Practice Veterinary Clinic

What started out as a small and humble veterinary clinic in 2006 equipped only with the basic care know-how, Animal Practice Veterinary Clinic has grown to a full-service centre for all pets. Apart from having an extensive range of services in their repertoire, another attribute that allowed them to grow as fast as they did is their consideration of their client’s budgets. They understand that care should not be constrained by monetary limitations, and are thus, dedicated to giving your pet quality treatment that suits your financial means. Every procedure is discussed with you beforehand, from a quick rundown of the treatment to the budget breakdown. After all, such treatments should be decided in both your precious pup’s and your own best interest. The passionate team at Animal Practice Veterinary Clinic takes in and treats every pet like their own, which is something every pet owner strongly appreciates.

Website: Animal Practice Veterinary Clinic
Contact: +65 6288 3929
Address: 1017 Upper Serangoon Road, #01-01, Singapore 534755

9. The Visiting Vets


With the constant improvement in technology and veterinary science and practices, it’s important that the clinic of your choice adopt a drive for continual learning. At The Visiting Vets, this is exactly what they aspired to do and have been doing. Their team is always on the lookout for the most efficient and safe treatments to treat ailments and are constantly improving themselves at any given opportunity. With The Visiting Vets, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands. Their expert team will go beyond the line of their duty to ensure that your pet dog leaves happy.

As another plus point: the treatments this clinic offer also boasts an affordable price point. This means you don’t have to break a bank just to save your precious pup, as with many other vet clinics. If you need a 24 hour vet clinic, The Visiting Vets is definitely one to look out for.

Website: The Visiting Vets
Contact: +65 6690 4045
Address: 9 Taman Serasi, #01-09, Singapore 257720

10. Pets Avenue Veterinary Clinic


Image credit: Pets Avenue Veterinary Clinic

If you are looking for a clinic that goes above and beyond in handling and treating your fur baby, then this is the clinic for you. Pets Avenue Veterinary Clinic is known for giving its clients’ pets quality attention and evaluation. This vital trait has led them to discover illnesses like potential seizure attacks before it gets out of hand and leads to permanent brain damage.

Should you engage in their diagnosis services, your pet can enjoy both the state of the art facilities and equipment during their visit. This feature alone gives Pets Avenue Veterinary Clinic the competitive edge when servicing their clients and treating your pet. Since canine epilepsy is a common neurological disorder amongst dogs, it’s just as crucial to first identify and equip your pet with preventive measures. Hence, if checking your pet dog for possible signs of a seizure is something you are planning to do, this veterinary clinic is the place to go.

Website: Pets Avenue Veterinary Clinic
Contact: +65 6471 0111
Address: 8 Empress Road, #01-11, Singapore 260008


It can get overwhelming seeing the dog that you love so much go from being healthy one day to losing control and suffering from an epileptic fit. However, with this list of the most trustworthy 24 hour vet clinics in Singapore, you are assured that your fur baby will be back to jumping around in joy in no time!